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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Yakima Memory project?
The Yakima Memory project is a cooperative effort between the Yakima Valley Regional Library and the Yakima Valley Museum. Funded by a grant through the Washington State Digital Images Initiative, the project involves the digitization of photographs in the Relander Collection at the Yakima Valley Regional Library and the Sundquist Research Library at the Yakima Valley Museum. For more information, please see our Project History page.

How do I search the collections?
You may search the collections using our search pages located on this site. The search page is available by clicking here. You may browse through each separate collection using BROWSE or you may search across all collections using ADVANCED SEARCH.

How do I order reproductions of the photographs?
You may order reproductions in both digital format and as a photographic print. Most images cannot be reproduced from their original negatives and must be made from a copy negative. If you are requesting an image for reproduction in published format such as printed material, software, website, or video, you must observe copyright restrictions. For reproductions, select our reproduction quote form.

How do I cite a photograph?
For examples, click here.

What if I found an error on the website?
If you have found a typographical error or misspelled word on the Yakima Memory website, please notify us using the Contact Us form.

We welcome your input in identification of the photographs and correcting information. You may also contribute information using the Contact Us form.

May I link to the Yakima Memory site?
You may link to our site for noncommercial purposes. Do not frame or otherwise host any portion of the Yakima Valley Regional Library and the Yakima Valley Museum Yakima Memory website within any other web site without written permission in advance from the Yakima Valley Regional Library or the Yakima Valley Museum. You may link to the search page and code it to open in a new browser window.

May I download and use an image found on the Yakima Memory site?
You may use images found in the Yakima Memory site for school reports and personal/family publications which do not involve public distribution. Images found on this website are of low resolution and may contain a watermark. These images are not intended for publication. All images used for school reports should contain citing recommended by the APA. A minimum credit line must be printed with each image. For Relander images, please use "Courtesy of the Yakima Valley Libraries." For Sundquist Research Library images, please use "Courtesy of the Yakima Valley Museum."

Images intended for use in a website must first obtain permission by using our Reproduction Quote form.

May I contribute an image to the Yakima Memory
The Yakima Valley Museum accepts images for the Sundquist Research Library collection. Images accepted must support the mission of the Yakima Valley Museum. Please contact David Lynx

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