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61. Keechelus Dam Keechelus Dam Irrigation--Dams; Consruction work on Keechelus Dam.

62. Masonic Temple Masonic Temple Organizations--Masonic; Masonic Temple, and Callahan Co. North Yakima, WA

63. YMCA YMCA Organizations--YMCA & YWCA; Young Men's Christian Association Building, North Yakima, WA.

64. Military Parade Military Parade Events--Parades; Card to Mrs. I. B. Turwell, Roseburg, OR, from Eunis (?). "Our boys left Sun. in great glory. We are lonely sure so want you to get well and be brave. Our boy right in the front."

65. Yakima Avenue Yakima Avenue Streets--Yakima Avenue--1910 to 1920; Yakima Avenue looking east from the railroad tracks, No. Yakima, WA.

66. Post Office Post Office Government--United States--Government Postal Service; Post Office, North Yakima, WA.

67. County Court House County Court House Government--County--Buildings; Yakima County Court House, North Yakima, WA.

68. Roadside Memorial Roadside Memorial Monuments & memorials; Memorial of Yakima War battle of Payto T: Gute - Two Buttes. Nov. 9, 1855, erected by D.A.R. July 14, 1916.

69. Hay Hay Agriculture--Crops--Hay; J. D. Kirk and Alta loading Hay. "Opal's nurse when she was born."

70. Jack J. Crawford Jack J. Crawford Events--Yakima Frontier Days; Jack J. Crawford came to No. Yakima in 1904, a civil engineer from Tieton-Cowiche Iriigation Project. Had a 7,500 acre Pitchford Circle Ranch in Cowiche area. President of Yakima Frontier Days Association...

71. Winesap Trees Winesap Trees Agriculture--Crops--Apples; Two rows of Winesap trees before pruning, looking east from the residence.

72. Salmon at Sunnyside Dam Salmon at Sunnyside Dam Irrigation--Dams; Photo of Sunnyside Dam with fish jumping the falls.

73. Aerial View Aerial View Washington--Toppenish; West side of Toppenish about 1916.

74. Ahtanum Creek Ahtanum Creek Rivers; Photo of a family parked on a bridge over Ahtanum Creek.

75. Salmon at Sunnyside Dam Salmon at Sunnyside Dam Irrigation--Dams; Salmon jumping the Sunnyside Dam (fish probably 46 pounder).

76. Boxes of Apples Boxes of Apples Agriculture--Crops--Apples--Transporting; Boxes of summer apples picked on Chas. Johnson fruit ranch.

77. Foundation Creek Foundation Creek Recreation--Camping; Kiddie (with freak hat on, leaning against a tree) and friends having lunch at the camp site.

78. View North of Kiddie's View North of Kiddie's Washington--Yakima Valley - Aerial & General Views; Photo taken from Kiddie's main residence attic window looking north showing tenant house, barn and out building.

79. Box Making Box Making Agriculture--Crops--Apples-Storage Boxes & Cold Storage; Photo of box making operation for fruit tree harvest.

80. Aerial Photo of Toppenish Aerial Photo of Toppenish Washington--Yakima Valley - Aerial & General Views; View of Toppenish about 1916.
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results 61-80 of 160 item(s)  page 4 of 8 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  >> ) :: previous : next
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